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School - Parent Compact 2019-2020

Brooklet Elementary School

600 W. Lane St. Brooklet, GA 30415



Dear Parent/Guardian,

The BES School - Parent Compact outlines how the BES staff, students participating in out Title I, Part A program, and their families, can work together to build and develop a partnership that will help your child achieve the state’s high standards.  Our goal is to work together to give your child the best opportunity for academic success at BES.

Please review this School - Parent Compact with your child.  This compact will be discussed with you throughout the year at different family engagement events as well as reviewed during Parent/Guardian & Teacher Conferences.

After reviewing the School - Parent Compact, please sign and date the information (click to here for a printable PDF) to acknowledge that you have received, read and agree to this School - Parent Compact.

Here is the text of the agreement:

Teachers at BES are dedicated to working with students and their families to support students’ academic achievement in ELA. Some of our key connections with parents and family members that correlate to our academic goal will be:

  • Providing families with monthly newsletters highlighting ELA activities in the classroom.
  • Offering a ELA/Reading Family Night and a STEM Family Learning Night to reinforce learning and model activities for parents to replicate at home.
  • Featuring online ELA & Math  resources sources for students for use at  school and home such as I-Ready and XtraMath to encourage critical thinking

Parents and families agree to partner with the school and support their child’s success by:

  • Reading the monthly newsletters and testing their child’s knowledge by asking him/her questions for their understanding of the strategies.
  • Attending the ELA/Reading Family Night and the STEM Family Learning Night to gain relevant information and ideas to support their child’s learning in ELA.
  • Visiting the online resources to explore and to ask learning discussion questions after their child’s reading.

Students will take responsibility for their own learning and commit to their personal level of success by:

  • bringing home ELA/Reading materials
  • taking home notices
  • engaging in the online resources

Click here to download a PDF of the compact for printing.